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Preface Shoko Miura ...5

Editors' Introduction Mitsuyoshi Numano & Tadashi Wakashima ...7

I Enchanted Hunters

Lolita Revisited by a New Annotator Maurice Couturier ...11

Revising Lolita in the Screenplay Andrey Babikov ...21

Generic Glidings and Endless Writing from The Enchanter to Lolita: A Screenplay through Lolita Jacqueline Hamrit ...27

Nabokov Revising Nabokov: The Lolita Screenplays Julian W. Connolly ...33

Time Camouflaged, or the Riddle of the Map: Paratextual Elements and Temporal Structure in the 1966 Revision of Speak, Memory Maria Alhambra ...39

Revis(it)ing Memories: Photographs in Nabokov's Autobiography Siggy Frank ...44

La Figlia che Piange--Tears in Lolita Maya Medlock ...50

Folding His Magic Carpet: Speak, Memory and Lolita Ellen Pifer ...55

II Keys to Russia

On Stylistic Exuberance: The Gift as a Russian Novel Mitsuyoshi Numano ...63

Nabokovfs Orpheus Stories Kazunao Sugimoto ...70

„O„„ „„‚„y„}„u„‰„p„~„y„z „{ α„E„r„s„u„~„y„ „O„~„u„s„y„~„…β „t„€ „‚„€„}„p„~„p α„A„|„u„t„~„„z „€„s„€„~„Žβ: „R„€„„€„ƒ„„„p„r„|„u„~„y„u „{„€„}„}„u„~„„„p„‚„y„u„r „N„p„q„€„{„€„r„p „y „L„€„„„}„p„~„p „N„€„q„…„p„{„y „K„p„{„y„~„…„}„p ...75

Female Protagonists in Nabokov's Russian Novels: No Stars in the Cast? Ljuba Tarvi ...80

Nabokov's "Natural Idiom": From "First-rate" Russian to "Second-rate" English Shun'ichiro Akikusa ...86

„P„p„‚„p„t„€„{„ƒ „N„p„q„€„{„€„r„p „M„p„ƒ„p„„„p„{„p „K„€„~„y„ƒ„y ...93

A Phantom Russian Poet: Vladimir Nabokov and Georgij Adamovich on Vasilij Shishkov Maria Malikova ...99

III Pencils and Erasers

"Almost Completed but Only Partly Corrected": Enacting Revision in Nabokov Susan Elizabeth Sweeney ...109

Vladimir Nabokov, or How to Turn Exile into Art Marie Bouchet ...115

Saving Jewish-Russian Emigres Maxim D. Shrayer ...123

"The Sun's a Thief": Nabokov and Shakespeare--A Quantitative Approach Samuel Schuman ...131

Nabokov and Hemingway: The Fish That Got Away Yuri Leving ...137

Nabokov as Psychologist: Routes for Exploration Brian Boyd ...145

IV Blacking the Squares

Another Road to Lolita: A Transatlantic View Tadashi Wakashima ...157

Revising Nabokov Revising the Detective Novel: Vladimir, Agatha, and the Terms of Engagement Catharine Theimer Nepomnyashchy ...163

Some Spiritual Subtexts Hidden in Transparent Things Akiko Nakata ...169

Nabokov's (Dostoevskian?) Loopholes Stephen H. Blackwell ...175

Was Nabokov a Psychologist?: About Despair and Nabokov's Inflexible Criticism of Freud's Doctrine Jean-Pierre Luaute ...181

Bend Sinister's Mad Dash, or How to Impersonate an Anthropomorphic Deity Leland de la Durantaye ...188

The Afterlife of Sebastian Knight Michael Wood ...193

List of Contributors ...202

Index ...207

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